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Not that I’ve much to say, but…

Since I’ve been increasing the amount of writing that I’ve been doing lately, and now that I’ve finished my degree and earned more free time, I thought I’d migrate any thoughts longer than a Facebook update to this site. At least on a site like this, I have some amount of CSS freedom, and can layer categories and writing functions into one another. I’m a notoriously fussy editor of my own work, and with some of the projects I’ve got bubbling away in my skull, I know that versioning and a publicly viewable forum will be immensely useful.

For those that know me, I hope that any of my writing here won’t overly offend you. My fiction tends to be fairly pedestrian, but my essays lend themselves to an obstinate punk-rock streak of my mentality that probably should have been thrashed out of me during the last two decades. For anyone else that stumbles across this dumping ground of brain stew, you can learn all that’s relevent in the ‘About’ page. I’m sure I’ll be posting more and more self-revealing stuff in the future. My life isn’t any great mystery, but I don’t think I’ll go out of my way to be any more autobiographical than I need to be.

The first writing I plan on starting here will be a series of cinematic reviews of my personal favorite films, written from either religious, sociological or philosophical perspectives. Among other things, I’m a junkie of noir and hard-boiled films-a fact supported by how many crime movies make my Top 10- and it’s always a good counterpoint to see how that genre represents itself from a emotional distance.  The series, as planned will be: (read as movie- essay title):

  • Heat- Discipline of the Empty Mirror
  • Apocalypse Now-  Civility’s Coda
  • Heist- A Man Got To Be Invisible
  • The Exorcist- Transubstantiation 
  • The Royal Tennenbaums- The Toymaker’s Artifice
  • Eastern Promises- The Coo-Coo Who’s Wearing My Skin
  • Miller’s Crossing- Racket of the Ruling Class
  • Grosse Pointe Blank- Lost In The Mall
  • Ronin- The Banality of Brutality 
  • Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me- Garmonbozia
  • Inception- Novelty-Seeking

I’m hoping to have the first two in the series up this week, depending on how my free time meshes with real-world concerns, and after that, at least one additional essay per week.

In addition to the random essays or short stories that will find their way here, I’ll be posting notes re: my second novel that I plan on drafting this fall. It’s a children’s book about two tribes of cats living on a peninsula, and how their reincarnations choose to fight and reconcile with each other; it’s my way of talking to a young audience about things like death, bravery, parenthood, captivity, and other themes that children need to hear, without trying to shovel it down their throats.

I have no ending for this post, so I’ll just bow out here with the promise of real writing to come along soon.

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